Migration service from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Discover the motivations for transitioning from Dynamics GP to Business Central and empower your company with DYNC. Adopt the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that best suits your organization.

In an ever-evolving business environment, companies are increasingly aware of the importance of integrating modern technology to seize business opportunities and maintain their competitiveness in the market. For this reason, a growing number of organizations are considering migrating from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Business Central is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that provides a unified cloud-based platform for areas such as finance, supply chain, project management, and human resources. By leveraging Microsoft’s cloud technology, it provides a comprehensive view of the company, offering greater flexibility and enhancing the ability to make strategic decisions.

Why consider migrating from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Business Central provides a real-time view of all facets of your company, giving you the ability to make more robust strategic decisions. It includes pre-designed financial reports, dashboards, and KPIs with drill-down capabilities, allowing you to monitor and measure business performance and trends more easily.

However, one of the distinguishing features in terms of functionality is Business Central’s dimensional accounting, which allows you to establish analysis categories and then «tag» the data to facilitate quick review of, for example, travel expenses in various departments.

Consulting / Audit

We have the best services for Dynamics 365 led by experts to advise and consider the needs of your organization to implement your ERP, making the most of these tools.

Application development

We have a team of developers dedicated to extending and customizing Dynamics 365 solutions. We strive to provide our clients with the ability to optimize certain functional areas within their system.

Dynamics 365 Projects

With more than 10 years of experience in all types of projects, our expertise is in understanding the processes of each organization and aligning them with the Dynamics 365 platform.

Accompany your migration with Dync Solutions

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, DYNC has the capability, experience and tools necessary to successfully transition from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. For clients looking to move forward on their digital transformation journey, Business Central will provide a rewarding experience in the face of ever-changing technology and competition in every industry.

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