Migrating your company to the cloud A complicated or simple task?

Migrating your company to the cloud A complicated or simple task?

The world in which companies live today is full of uncertainties, transformations and changes. It is therefore increasingly important to be able to adapt to these constantly changing environments. But organizations must not only adapt, they must also be able to recover quickly from daily problems and mistakes or anticipate what is to come.

There are many myths about the cloud and version migrations. Many think it’s risky, daunting and expensive, but companies that have already successfully upgraded to Dynamics 365 Business Central will tell you that the benefits of the change far outweigh the perceived risks of going through the migration, or simply staying on an on-premise version.

It is important to know that the reasons for migrating to the Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud are very different: from operational and economic to those related to integration or security. All of them are under the umbrella of innovation: With this model, organizations open a permanent modernization lane in which they benefit from industry innovations (Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Insights, Flow and PowerApps), while reducing the cost of IT infrastructure, support or version upgrade projects.

To perform asuccessful migration to the Dynamics 365 cloud we advise:

– Be clear about the data to be migrated. Having a lot of information is great, but we have to keep in mind that the information we have stored has to have value.

– Migration is a good time to assess whether all the information we have is necessary, it may be good to do a cleanup before starting the migration.

– Asking a partner for help, knowing how to handle the data guarantees a correct and fast migration.

From our company specialized in the implementation and development of business solutions and Microsoft Partner, we can help you in the migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central so that the transfer of data is done in the best way and does not pose any problem for the management of your company.

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