Don’t fall into these customer service failures that will cause you to lose sales.

Don’t fall into these customer service failures that will cause you to lose sales.

Mistakes are an expected part of any endeavor. However, remaining indifferent to failures in your customer service strategy can be a real blow to your customer satisfaction (and to your company’s numbers as well).

Providing excellent service to your customers is one of the key points for your company. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the most common mistakes, so that you can detect in time those you are probably making and, of course, we give you some tips on how to avoid them.

  1. Lack of protocols and processes during customer service:

In order for a company to achieve exceptional customer service, it is necessary to be guided by guidelines that help it to resolve any problem, situation or inconvenience that may arise in the most appropriate way.

Document processes and procedures for your customer service department, prepare an action manual, invite your entire team to propose improvements and don’t forget to be flexible in guiding the actions of your support team.

While unpredictable situations sometimes arise that will test the team’s ability to act outside of the manual, standardize your customer service process whenever possible.

  1. Failure to measure results and satisfaction:

Metrics are your ally when it comes to improving customer service. It is very important to measure and keep an eye on the indicators because this is what will allow you to detect failures or to know what works.

  1. Contact forms that do not provide a response:

Offering many ways to contact the customer is important, but if there is no one who can be responsible for providing support through them, it is better not to use them and focus on those points of contact that your company can attend.

  1. Do not use a CRM:

Although there are easy-to-use systems that can be adjusted to the specific needs of each particular organization, unfortunately we still find sales leaders who are not aware of the advantages that this tool can bring and how they can take advantage of it to improve the service offered to their customers and manage customer relationships.

This digital solution can help improve customer service in many ways thanks to its various functionalities including lead management, collaboration, e-mail tracking, metrics and data analysis, etc.

Over time, mistakes can be the downfall of any business, so if you don’t have a CRM yet, we invite you to contact us to learn about the different solutions that can boost your company’s results.

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